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Lehigh Valley Life

There are two aspects to your life Your Work Life and Your Personal Life.

Our goal is to help you foster a long-term sense of belonging within both the university and the local community. Aside from spousal/partner career assistance, there is a need as both a candidate and new-hire to expand your own personal network. Head to our Cultural Transition page to find more about more information relating to local businesses, schools, civic and volunteer organizations, and other community resources.


Lehigh University is a member of  the Lehigh Valley Inter-Regional  Networking & Connecting Consortium (LINC) to help you further with dual career assistance. LINC provides comprehensive and customized career-search support for spouse/partners of newly highered faculty. 

LINC is an employer referral based program. If you would like to learn more about how LINC can help you with you with your your job search in the Lehigh Valley region, please contact Lehigh’s Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program at 610.758.4802 or